Talent Strategy

Personal career advisement

Andrea Baker

Andrea has developed and executed comprehensive campus recruiting programs and other HR initiatives for hedge funds and global investment banks in New York and Hong Kong since 1997. She has significant experience in London and other key cities across Europe, Asia, and Australia for clients that include Amaranth, QVT Financial, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, and UBS. Andrea founded Talent Investment, LLC to serve growing firms, which often cannot dedicate resources – and lack the time – to identify, attract, and retain the caliber of young professionals needed.

Andrea is a native New Yorker involved with numerous charitable activities and community service programs: Inner-City Scholarship Fund, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Concern Worldwide, and Xavier Mission Soup Kitchen.

Recruiting and retaining exceptional professionals doesn’t happen by accident; you need a plan. Talent strategy requires: agreeing on short- and long-term goals; realistically assessing strengths and weaknesses; understanding competitors for the best talent; articulating and developing an identity – how you’d like your firm to be perceived by current and prospective employees; and implementing what’s needed to make it all happen.

  • Understand your firm’s values and culture
  • Determine hiring needs and which universities best meet them
  • Work with senior managers to develop a clear and compelling message for all relevant audiences
  • Lead the development and roll-out of branding effort for the non-investment side
  • Develop and implement orientation and training for employees at all levels
  • Summer internship programs

“More than money, title, or anything else, attracting (and keeping) rockstar talent depends on your company culture.”
Forbes, April 2013


The demand for recent graduates of elite universities is broader and more intense than at any time in history. Small and mid-size investment firms compete for talent with well-resourced banks and asset management firms, and with an array of world-class tech firms and well-funded start-ups.

Talent Investment, LLC develops full-scale campus recruiting initiatives for both undergraduate and graduate programs – with as much or as little involvement from key people at the firm as desired. We have deep experience building recruiting programs and managing the entire recruiting process, including leveraging our strong relationships with Career Services, departmental Deans, and student groups at Ivy League and similar caliber institutions across the US, South America, UK, EMEA, and APAC.

  • Bachelor’s, MBA, PhD
  • New hires and summer internships
  • Manage entire recruiting process

-Campus branding (remember, students don’t meet with firms they don’t know)

-Compensation strategies, employee interview skills, assessment of resumes

-All travel logistics, all campus communication

-Represent firm at both on- and off-campus seminars and interviews

The goal is to establish and develop relationships with universities over many years: interns become next year’s hires; recent graduates become your firm’s ambassadors for subsequent years.


Campus career offices provide a wide range of essential services for early-stage professionals – however, they often do not have the resources or time to offer personalized guidance. 

Talent Investment offers customized, one-on-one career coaching to students and young professionals. 

We work within a structured process, beginning with a deep dive into interests, strengths, short-term goals, long-term aspirations,  academic accomplishments, and extra-curricular activities. We help to define which industries and roles are best-suited to the individual, then target options based on location, company size, company culture, opportunities for growth, and more.

Sessions can be conducted in-person, via Skype or FaceTime, by phone or email – in whatever combination best accommodates the individual’s particular set of circumstances.

  • Ongoing one-on-one advisement
  • Bridge the gap from academic foundation to professional career
  • Thorough individual analysis
  • Comprehensive interview preparation 
  • Follow-up sessions as needed
  • Flexible on location, time, and session format

What is the nature of the relationship?

Typically, we help develop seminars, represent the firm at career fairs, and conduct initial interviews with candidates. The goal is to identify exceptional candidates, who are then interviewed by firm principals and key managers.

How do fees work?

Campus recruitment programs typically consist of a monthly fee. 

How do we know you’ll be successful?

Firms that make the proper commitment to campus recruiting virtually always are successful in meeting their needs. We assess recruiting needs and agree on goals right at the beginning of the relationship.

Can you help us with our short-term needs?

Yes. We are able to handle almost any recruiting or HR-related issue.

How are you different than a headhunter?

Talent Investment, LLC sits on your side of the table. Small and midsize investment management firms often lack the time and resources to handle recruiting responsibilities, including managing headhunters. All multinational investment banks have recruiting departments. Now you can too…

Do you have references?

We are happy to provide references from executives throughout the investment community.

Can you help us build our own recruiting department?

For growing firms, recruiting and HR responsibilities will eventually need to be an in-house function. Talent Investment, LLC can lead the development of an in-house recruiting and HR department – with significant or little involvement from firm principals.

How is “employment branding” different than “branding”?

For recruitment, branding focuses much more heavily on company culture, work environment, and professional opportunity – the kinds of things that matter for recruits in their career decisions. Few small and midsize investment firms have given much thought to branding. To the extent that they have, it typically is client-focused.