Campus career offices provide a wide range of essential services for early-stage professionals – however, they often do not have the resources or time to offer personalized guidance. 

Talent Investment offers customized, one-on-one career coaching to students and young professionals. 

We work within a structured process, beginning with a deep dive into interests, strengths, short-term goals, long-term aspirations,  academic accomplishments, and extra-curricular activities. We help to define which industries and roles are best-suited to the individual, then target options based on location, company size, company culture, opportunities for growth, and more.

Sessions can be conducted in-person, via Skype or FaceTime, by phone or email – in whatever combination best accommodates the individual’s particular set of circumstances.

  • Ongoing one-on-one advisement
  • Bridge the gap from academic foundation to professional career
  • Thorough individual analysis
  • Comprehensive interview preparation 
  • Follow-up sessions as needed
  • Flexible on location, time, and session format