What is the nature of the relationship?

Typically, we help develop seminars, represent the firm at career fairs, and conduct initial interviews with candidates. The goal is to identify exceptional candidates, who are then interviewed by firm principals and key managers.

How do fees work?

Campus recruitment programs typically consist of a monthly fee. 

How do we know you’ll be successful?

Firms that make the proper commitment to campus recruiting virtually always are successful in meeting their needs. We assess recruiting needs and agree on goals right at the beginning of the relationship.

Can you help us with our short-term needs?

Yes. We are able to handle almost any recruiting or HR-related issue.

How are you different than a headhunter?

Talent Investment, LLC sits on your side of the table. Small and midsize investment management firms often lack the time and resources to handle recruiting responsibilities, including managing headhunters. All multinational investment banks have recruiting departments. Now you can too…

Do you have references?

We are happy to provide references from executives throughout the investment community.

Can you help us build our own recruiting department?

For growing firms, recruiting and HR responsibilities will eventually need to be an in-house function. Talent Investment, LLC can lead the development of an in-house recruiting and HR department – with significant or little involvement from firm principals.

How is “employment branding” different than “branding”?

For recruitment, branding focuses much more heavily on company culture, work environment, and professional opportunity – the kinds of things that matter for recruits in their career decisions. Few small and midsize investment firms have given much thought to branding. To the extent that they have, it typically is client-focused.