The demand for recent graduates of elite universities is broader and more intense than at any time in history. Small and mid-size investment firms compete for talent with well-resourced banks and asset management firms, and with an array of world-class tech firms and well-funded start-ups.

Talent Investment, LLC develops full-scale campus recruiting initiatives for both undergraduate and graduate programs – with as much or as little involvement from key people at the firm as desired. We have deep experience building recruiting programs and managing the entire recruiting process, including leveraging our strong relationships with Career Services, departmental Deans, and student groups at Ivy League and similar caliber institutions across the US, South America, UK, EMEA, and APAC.

  • Bachelor’s, MBA, PhD
  • New hires and summer internships
  • Manage entire recruiting process

-Campus branding (remember, students don’t meet with firms they don’t know)

-Compensation strategies, employee interview skills, assessment of resumes

-All travel logistics, all campus communication

-Represent firm at both on- and off-campus seminars and interviews

The goal is to establish and develop relationships with universities over many years: interns become next year’s hires; recent graduates become your firm’s ambassadors for subsequent years.