Recruiting and retaining exceptional professionals doesn’t happen by accident; you need a plan. Talent strategy requires: agreeing on short- and long-term goals; realistically assessing strengths and weaknesses; understanding competitors for the best talent; articulating and developing an identity – how you’d like your firm to be perceived by current and prospective employees; and implementing what’s needed to make it all happen.

  • Understand your firm’s values and culture
  • Determine hiring needs and which universities best meet them
  • Work with senior managers to develop a clear and compelling message for all relevant audiences
  • Lead the development and roll-out of branding effort for the non-investment side
  • Develop and implement orientation and training for employees at all levels
  • Summer internship programs

“More than money, title, or anything else, attracting (and keeping) rockstar talent depends on your company culture.”
Forbes, April 2013